Prize-rider training camp:

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16-17, November, 2013.: A training camp was organised in the riding hall for prize-riders. The two-days passing education was happened in Siórét with the connection of Sándor Csercsa. Sándor tried to find the mistakes between the horse and the rider and he helped in the corrections of the mistakes.

After the two days we can declare that the students got a lot of help.

Kindergartener in the riding hall:

4. November: The kindergartener arrived at the riding-hall.

Riding camp in autumn:

We organised an autumn riding camp from 28.October to 2.November

Our riding camp was announced for the supplies’ education, more young children learned to ride.

The riders won the bronze medal:

The riders of Siórét took part very successfully on the sausages stuffing competition in Békéscsaba.

The test of the ground

25. October, 2013.: The guests arrived for an invitational coach driving. There were some people who held the stalk for the first time, others got to know with this sport and certainly there were people who are the biggest of this sport.

The test of the ground was successful, because every competitor arrived at the finish luckily and successfully.

The appreciation of the competition dragged on the night.

The opening ceremony of the riding hall:

The Demkó family is not superstitious

13. September, 2013, 13.30: The gates of the riding hall in Siórét were opened with the project in the scope of “Making a riding hall for the amplification of the touristic services in Gyula”.

On the opening ceremony, at first Ernő Görgényi phd., who is the major of Gyula, told his festive thoughts, after László Kis- Rigó Phd., who is the bishop of the Szeged-Csanád county, consecrated the building and he gave the blessing to the visitors too.

After the cutting of the national coloured ribbon, in the name of the Hungarian Riding Association, Mrs. Zsuzsanna Mátyus Fülöp, who is the federal captain of the single coachmen, gratulated the guests.

Single Coach-driving- marathon driving:

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